The website has been updated as of 05/2024. Click on the headings at the top of the page for information. Legal contains documents put in place in 2015. Stoneridge is a non-profit Texas Corporation and regardless of size and location is expected to follow these Statutes, Resolutions of Property Code 209, and our Restrictions, Bylaws and Covenants. We are required by the Laws of the state of Texas to follow all Restrictions, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and Property Code 209.

If you are planning on changes to your property don’t forget to contact us with the changes you wish. The Architectural board will review and discuss with you.

A new Late Fee is in effect of $15 per month. We still have many 2022 and 2023 invoices not paid. Also Interest on unpaid dues is 10% per annum. If you can not pay your dues contact us about a payment plan. Please read the Collection and Payment Plan Policy under the “Legal” tab. A Payment Plan will stop Late Fees.

The Contact Us page is not delivering emails but should be corrected soon. The Stoneridge Lakes email listed on the page can be used until we get the problem sorted out. There is also a new page for “Discussions” It is up and running and may have some bugs. So give it a try.

Stay safe and have fun this summer.